Abhi & Anuj

Destination wedding in Amalfi

Italy and its coastline is an extraordinary destination for any wedding photographer in Amalfi and for couples from all over the world. Who does not dream of exchanging the vows surrounding by such gorgeous views. I met Abhi and Anuj in Amsterdam where I shot their pre-wedding photo session. They liked the result so much that one day I received a WhatsApp message “Would you like to be our wedding photographer in Amalfi?” I was absolutely surprised and of course I agreed.

Abhi is getting ready

Private villa with spectacular views

Abhi chose chic outfits for her traditional wedding. There were four in total. Everything is made in an exclusive Indian style atelier. And also all the girls were with painted hands – mehendi.

Getting ready part took place in an exclusive villa near Amalfi. The place is located on a beautiful cliff with amazing views. It was impossible to imagine a more secluded place for a private event. All our team stayed there as well as couple and wedding guests.

Anuj is getting ready

Putting on his Indian turban with best men help

An integral attribute of the groom is, of course, a turban. The fabric is several meters. It can only be done with someone’s help. In general, the suit of the Indian groom is not much inferior to the dress of the bride and has several components. In addition to the turban, this is a costume, a brooch, a necklace, and traditional shoes. Indian wedding attributes are the gift to any wedding photographer in Amalfi, because of its saturated colours and chic.

When the first look happened

in beautiful Amalfi town

The first look is a very important moment on the wedding day. After all, in ordinary life you do not see each other in such a chic way and with a haircut, sparkling jewellery. This is especially important for the bride. For this moment, we chose the Palazzo Mezzacapo Gardens. Where we had a small photo session, and then we went to the commune of the city of Maiori. On this day, the newlyweds are always like celebrities. Everyone around endlessly congratulates, clap and wish the best. And especially the Italians with their very warm welcome.

It's time to say ``I do``

Vivid Indian ceremony

Abi and Anuj really wanted to have their wedding in Europe, but at the same time keep their traditions. To do this, they asked their parents to help them organize and find a Hindu priest. No one knew exactly what rituals would be, but there were a lot of them and they were all incredibly colorful. And for everyone it was a surprise when the newlyweds began to throw yellow rice.

And then all the guests throwed a huge amount of rose petals on them. Parents and close relatives prayed and gave their blessing. After that, we proceeded to take family photos in the arch. From that moment on, our couple was officially married according to Indian traditions.

Let's party

Best moments with family and friends

Trip to Positano and Amalfi

Luxury yacht trip with wonderful sea breeze

The day was extraordinarily busy. To celebrate the wedding, we sailed on two luxury yachts along the Amalfi coast towards Positano. Positano is a small but very picturesque town that always attracts an incredible number of tourists.

Positano is considered one of the most romantic locations of Italy. Weddings are also held here in beautiful snow-white villas with indescribable sea views. Then we went to a chic restaurant located on the terrace of Torre Normanna. This is a magnificent fortress with a long staircase from where views of the entire coastline open.

Catching the sunset at Torre Normanna

Spectacular location for wedding dinner in Amalfi

1 day before. Vibrant Haldi ceremony

Traditional Indian Haldi before the wedding in Amalfi

And the day before, there was an incredibly colourful Haldi ceremony, which we attended for the first time in our lives. First, all friends and relatives coat the couple with a special powder mixed with water. They cover everything – legs, arms, face. After that, the fun begins: in turn, everyone takes a colander with cold water and holds the pairs over their heads.

As a result, a rite of purification takes place. Yellow has its own meaning in Indian culture. Also, all women make henna drawings on their hands, which are called mehendi.
And of course, the final point is to throw the bride and groom into the pool and jump for all the guests. The main thing is not to catch a cold before the wedding day. And these days in Amalfi we were very lucky – the weather was sunny and pleasant! If you want us to capture your lifetime story feel free to contact us.

3 years ago.. The story started in Amsterdam 🙂

Romantic place for romantic beginning

The story of our acquaintance began in Amsterdam, when Abhi and Anuj came to our wonderful city for a pre-wedding shoot. A lot has changed since then. Twice their wedding postponed and changed location. But in the end everything worked out! And our team captured their important day in photos and videos to leave a memory for a lifetime.


See you again in Italy!

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