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Elevate your event with wedding decoration in Amsterdam that capture the city’s romantic charm. Our experienced team at IMAGELANA wedding agency brings years of expertise in crafting dream weddings. From elegant floral arrangements to scenic canal-inspired accents, our skilled decorators transform your venue into a captivating haven of love. Let us create the perfect ambiance for your special day amidst the picturesque backdrop of Amsterdam’s beauty.


*Flowers availability depends on stock and season, design can be adjusted


*Flowers availability depends on stock and season, design can be adjusted


*Flowers availability depends on stock and season, design can be adjusted


*Flowers availability depends on stock and season, design can be adjusted


*Flowers availability depends on stock and season, design can be adjusted


*Flowers availability depends on stock and season, design can be adjusted

Wedding decoration in Amsterdam

Wedding decoration Amsterdam cost

At IMAGELANA team, we recognize that every couple is unique, and your wedding day should reflect your one-of-a-kind love story. Our passion lies in making your dream day a reality, weaving creativity, elegance, and an unwavering attention to detail into every aspect of your celebration. Our specialty? Crafting breathtaking wedding decor that truly captures the essence of your love. Our Amsterdam wedding decoration services encompass a wide range of options to cater to your style and budget. Whether you’re envisioning a classic, romantic theme or a modern, chic ambiance, we’re equipped to make it happen. And our talented florists? They’re ready to craft exquisite wedding flowers in Amsterdam, perfectly tailored to your color scheme and personal preferences. From gorgeous bouquets and captivating centerpieces to enchanting flower arches and stunning aisle decor, we infuse your day with the natural beauty of fresh blooms.

How We Work

Handig proces om uw fotoshoot onvergetelijk te maken

1. Verzoek

Het belangrijkste is om uit te zoeken of de gewenste datum voor je fotoshoot beschikbaar is. Om dit te controleren, klikt u op VERZOEK en ik zal u zo snel mogelijk antwoorden.

2. Oproep / vergadering

Even belangrijk is natuurlijk de fotograaf leren kennen. Laat & #039; s gewoon praten (video of met de stem), bespreek een fotoshoot en ontdek hoe we bij elkaar passen 🙂

3. Aanbetaling

Wanneer alle details zijn overeengekomen, maakt u een aanbetaling over (vooruitbetaling). Dit is een garantie dat ik deze dag voor je vertrek. Het is handig voor jou en voor mij 🙂


3. Fotoshoot

En eindelijk is het zover! Nu hoef je alleen maar te ontspannen, plezier te hebben en naar mijn aanbevelingen te luisteren tijdens het fotografieproces. Het belangrijkste is om van het moment te genieten, ik doe de rest voor je!

Gedrukte trouwfoto's met wit canvas worden op tafel gelegd die zijn gemaakt door trouwfotograaf in Amsterdam

3. Wauw! Foto's zijn klaar!

Na 1-6 weken (afhankelijk van het type opname) krijg je je heldere en onvergetelijke foto's in de hoogste resolutie en kwaliteit! Ik upload ze naar een persoonlijke galerij die je kunt delen met je familie en vrienden. Ik zal ontzettend blij zijn om feedback te krijgen over de foto's die ik voor je heb gemaakt 🙂

What you should know about wedding decoration in Amsterdam

Wedding decoration Amsterdam

Choosing perfect style

Selecting the right style for your Amsterdam wedding decoration is a crucial decision. Do you envision a classic, timeless theme with ornate details, or are you leaning towards a more modern and minimalist design? Amsterdam’s diverse venues offer a range of backdrops, from historic canal houses to contemporary spaces, so your style should harmonize with your chosen location. Whether it’s vintage, rustic, bohemian, or something entirely unique, we can help you make the perfect choice to capture the essence of your love story.

Navigation the season and local flowers

The season you choose for your Amsterdam wedding plays a significant role in your decoration choices. The Netherlands is famous for its beautiful tulips in spring, while summer brings vibrant blooms like peonies and roses. Fall provides a rich palette of warm, earthy colors. Choosing flowers in season not only ensures their freshness but also connects your wedding to the local natural beauty. Our experts can help you select the perfect blooms that harmonize with the season and your desired style.

Natural or artificial flowers

Deciding between natural and artificial flowers is a significant aspect of wedding decoration, especially in eco-conscious Amsterdam. While fresh flowers bring an authentic fragrance and natural beauty to your event, high-quality artificial flowers offer sustainability, longevity, and exceptional value for money. They are not only environmentally friendly but also retain their perfect appearance as cherished keepsakes long after your wedding day. We can help you make this choice, considering both eco-friendliness and your budget.

Trendy colour palettes

In Amsterdam, wedding decor has evolved to embrace a wide range of color palettes. A popular choice is to incorporate hues that resonate with the local landscape and culture. Earthy tones, reminiscent of the Dutch countryside, create a serene and elegant atmosphere. Rich blues and vibrant reds pay homage to the city’s artistic heritage. Adding metallic accents such as gold or rose gold brings a touch of luxury to your Amsterdam wedding. These palettes, whether inspired by local surroundings or tailored to your preferences, can help set the mood for your special day. Contact us to order your wedding decoration in Netherlands

Best moment in my life

IMAGELANA is the best photographers you could find in the Netherlands. During the photoshoot day, I and my husband didn’t know how to pose. And she knew how to make us feel comfortable and be spontaneous) It was one of the best moment in my life. Highly recommend and would definately get back to her if I need to do a photoshoot again!

Linh & Stijn
Trouwen in Den Haag. Trouwfotograaf in Den Haag. Wedding photographer in Den Haag the Hague took a photo where a bride and a groom first look before the wedding in front on Ridderzaal Binnenhof The Hague.

Amazing experience

Imagelana is an amazing photographer! She works incredibly fast and is virtually invisible on the wedding day. The quality of pictures is simply superb, a great combination of documentary shots and creative shots! Beautiful vibrant colors! A lovely person in general and a great value for the money as a photographer! If you need a wedding photographer, look no further!

Liza & Tom

Best wedding team!

We hired IMAGELANA team for our wedding in Amalfi, Italy. We already have done a photoshoot with them in Amsterdam, that's why we absolutely trusted in their professionalism. It was amazing days of our wedding and we can't thank enough all the guys: Lana, Gio, Sven and Dima

Abhi & Anuj

Hallo, ik ben Lana!




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