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Who we are? We are a passionate team of photographers, videographers, and planners based in the enchanting city of Amsterdam. We’re all about catching those laughs, tears, and epic dance moves, turning them into memories you’ll cherish forever❤️ Ready to make some magic together? 😍On the photo a part of our wonderful team🤗  Istvan, Melanie, Lana, our lovely couple Joyce & Tim, Vivian, Queen, Maxim, Gio. .. #amsterdamwedding #weddingamsterdam #trouwenamsterdam #amsterdamphotographer #photographeramsterdam #phptographerinamsterdam
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Magic elopement wedding in Amsterdam ❤️‍🔥Skyler and Keaton #amsterdamelopement #photographeramsterdam #amsterdamphotographer #amsterdamwedding #weddingamsterdam
Morning of Skyler and Keaton in Amsterdam ❤️‍🔥#amsterdamelopement #photographeramsterdam #amsterdamphotographer #amsterdamwedding #weddingamsterdam

Elopement in Amsterdam

Elopement in Amsterdam is an incredible location for your destination wedding escape. Netherlands is the country of flowers, fairytale houses and impressive history. You can plan your wedding in Amsterdam in the old city center – arched bridges and cosy narrow streets. Or may be you want a Dutch boat ride on the vibrant canals? Any dream may come true when you are in hands of our professional team. We care to make your Amsterdam wedding experience unforgettable. Check our sophisticated elopement packages Amsterdam.

Choose your style

Flower choice depends on availability and season

Discover the perfect elopement wedding decoration that suits your dream day. Choose from our exquisite selection to make your special day truly beautiful and unforgettable. Our elopement packages Amsterdam includes large choice of wonderful designs.

Our elopement packages

Elopement packages in Amsterdam

  • Sparkle elopement
  • 2500 City sparkle
  • ✓ Ceremony on the pier

    ✓ Photographer 3 hours

    ✓ City shoot

    ✓ Basic decorations

    ✓ Only for a couple

    •  Wedding officiant, personal speech

    •  170 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Flower bouquet & corsage

    •  Hairstyle & Make-up

    •  Music for the ceremony

    •  Transfer in the city area for a couple

    •  Wedding coordinator

  • Shine elopement
  • 3100 For boat lovers
  • ✓ Ceremony on the boat

    ✓ Canal cruise 2 hours

    ✓ Photographer 3 hours

    ✓ Getting ready shoot

    ✓ Basic decorations

    ✓ Unlimited drinks and champagne

    ✓ Dutch snacks

    ✓ Up to 10 guests (for extra fee)

    •  Wedding officiant, personal speech

    •  170 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Flower bouquet & corsage

    •  Hairstyle & Make-up

    •  Music for the ceremony

    •  Transfer in the city area for a couple

    •  Wedding coordinator

  • Flame elopement
  • 3900 Exquisite experience on the boat
  • ✓ Ceremony on the boat

    ✓ Canal cruise 2 hours

    ✓ Photographer 4 hours

    ✓ Getting ready + city shoot

    ✓ Exclusive decorations 

    Wedding cake

    ✓ Unlimited drinks and champagne

    ✓ Dutch snacks

    ✓ Confetti and props

    ✓ Up to 20 guests (for extra fee)

    •  Wedding officiant, personal speech

    •  250 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Flower bouquet & corsage

    •  Hairstyle & Make-up

    •  Music for the ceremony

    •  Transfer in the city area for a couple

    •  Wedding coordinator

Our elopements

Wedding and elopement photoshoot in Amsterdam


  • Guest package (Shine, Flame) € 70/pers

    Includes: boat tax, drinks, snacks, transfer

  • Video € 250/hour

    Minimum 2 hours

  • Extra photo hour + € 250

    Additional photo hour

  • Boat + € 750

    Boat ride 2 hours

  • Live music from € 400

    Violin, guitar, saxophone or singer

  • VIP decor + € 800

    Various options of decoration

  • Wedding cake + € 100

    Decorated cake or sweet table

  • Confetti and props € 100

    Different props

Do you have questions?

About your dream elopement in Amsterdam

Probably, you have a lot of questions about your elopement in Amsterdam. What are the best locations for a photoshoot? How I can choose flowers for my bouquet? Who is my make-up and hairstyle artist? What is the best time to start a shoot? All these questions and more will be covered during the online video meeting. We plan it via Zoom or another convenient way.

Customised elopement packages

Choose your best elopement option in Amsterdam

Elopement in the church

Amsterdam is a multinational and multireligious city. For your elopement in Amsterdam church, we can pick up any venue or cathedral where weddings are allowed. To do this, you will need to provide a certificate of official marriage. Ceremonies take place on certain days and must be booked in advance. The blessing in the old church will leave the most sincere and meaningful memories in your life. Due to the special chamber atmosphere you will feel like just the two of you.

Elopement in the castle

If you have always dreamed of a luxurious Amsterdam wedding in some old castle, mansion or villa. But at the same time, to be only two of you. You enjoy your day and incredibly beautiful views. Such memories will remain with you forever. We will find you one of the most beautiful venues in Netherlands for your elopement in Amsterdam. Subject to availability by request and must be booked in advance. Check our elopement packages Amsterdam to decide if you want to have all-inclusive experience.

Elopement in Amsterdam on the boat

You are a great lover of sea travels who enjoys fresh breeze and seagulls. Then this is the perfect choice for you. Your ceremony will take place on an old Dutch boat that can accommodate up to 10 people. You will say “Yes” to each other right under the Skinny Bridge, which is traditionally considered the bridge of lovers who have their wedding in Amsterdam. In addition to an incredibly romantic elopement in Amsterdam on the boat, you will also combine it with a boat trip around the city, where you will learn stories about Amsterdam. You can disembark from the boat and stroll through the streets and take incredible photos.

Elopement in Amsterdam botanical gardens

Holland is famous for its achievements in the selection of flowers and plants. The botanical gardens here are ancient scientific centers and beautiful scenery for a romantic event. Your elopement in Amsterdam botanical gardens will take place right in the shade of exotic palm trees or in an orchid garden. It is possible to choose to spend an elopment in the beautiful forest of Amsterdamse Bos, where you will feel complete privacy.

Which elopement packages Amsterdam are suitable for you?

It can be difficult to decided how many hours do you need for your wedding. We are experienced team and gladly help you with it. Our recommendations can be useful to make a decision about a photo package.

Sparkle package

How your wedding day will look like

This package is suitable for those who are planning a small, cozy wedding for two or with their closest relatives and friends. Cozy weddings with the closest and dearest are without a doubt one of the most popular trends in recent seasons. It includes shooting in 1-2 locations. Such moments remain in the memory of every guest for a long time. And a wedding photographer in Netherlands will capture every important moment of your unique day. Your memories will stay with you for a long time with our elopement packages Amsterdam.

Shine package

How your wedding day will look like

This basic option is suitable for a small wedding. This package includes the most important part of the bride’s morning, the ceremony and a short wedding walk. All the most important moments of your wedding will be carefully selected and edited. The package includes up to 2-3 locations locations and a photographer’s work 6 hours. All images will be saved to your personal online gallery so that you can share your emotions with your family and friends at any time.

Flame package

How your wedding day will look like

Are you planning an epic all-day wedding? It is one the best elopement packages Amsterdam that you can find. Do you want that every small moment of your wedding day to be captured? Then this package is for you. Starting in the morning, from the bride’s getting ready, the wedding photographer will be with you. Flame wedding is perfect for a long wedding day! This includes the bride’s morning, packing, ceremony, wedding photo session, dinner and party. Your memories will stay with you for a long time.

How We Work

Handig proces om uw fotoshoot onvergetelijk te maken


1. Verzoek

Het belangrijkste is om uit te zoeken of de gewenste datum voor je fotoshoot beschikbaar is. Om dit te controleren, klikt u op VERZOEK en ik zal u zo snel mogelijk antwoorden.


2. Oproep / vergadering

Even belangrijk is natuurlijk de fotograaf leren kennen. Laat & #039; s gewoon praten (video of met de stem), bespreek een fotoshoot en ontdek hoe we bij elkaar passen 🙂


3. Aanbetaling

Wanneer alle details zijn overeengekomen, maakt u een aanbetaling over (vooruitbetaling). Dit is een garantie dat ik deze dag voor je vertrek. Het is handig voor jou en voor mij 🙂


3. Fotoshoot

En eindelijk is het zover! Nu hoef je alleen maar te ontspannen, plezier te hebben en naar mijn aanbevelingen te luisteren tijdens het fotografieproces. Het belangrijkste is om van het moment te genieten, ik doe de rest voor je!

Gedrukte trouwfoto's met wit canvas worden op tafel gelegd die zijn gemaakt door trouwfotograaf in Amsterdam

3. Wauw! Foto's zijn klaar!

Na 1-6 weken (afhankelijk van het type opname) krijg je je heldere en onvergetelijke foto's in de hoogste resolutie en kwaliteit! Ik upload ze naar een persoonlijke galerij die je kunt delen met je familie en vrienden. Ik zal ontzettend blij zijn om feedback te krijgen over de foto's die ik voor je heb gemaakt 🙂

Elopement photoshoot in Amsterdam

Wha is included in Photographer in Netherlands prices?

Yes, we are sure that every wedding is different, but for ease of choice, we offer you these wedding elopement packages Amsterdam so that you can get an idea of ​​the options and the wedding prices. As a wedding photographers and planners, we take care of every detail of your day and I will make sure it is captured so you can look at it over and over again.

Best moment in my life

IMAGELANA is the best photographers you could find in the Netherlands. During the photoshoot day, I and my husband didn’t know how to pose. And she knew how to make us feel comfortable and be spontaneous) It was one of the best moment in my life. Highly recommend and would definately get back to her if I need to do a photoshoot again!

Linh & Stijn
Trouwen in Den Haag. Trouwfotograaf in Den Haag. Wedding photographer in Den Haag the Hague took a photo where a bride and a groom first look before the wedding in front on Ridderzaal Binnenhof The Hague.

Amazing experience

Imagelana is an amazing photographer! She works incredibly fast and is virtually invisible on the wedding day. The quality of pictures is simply superb, a great combination of documentary shots and creative shots! Beautiful vibrant colors! A lovely person in general and a great value for the money as a photographer! If you need a wedding photographer, look no further!

Liza & Tom

Best wedding team!

We hired IMAGELANA team for our wedding in Amalfi, Italy. We already have done a photoshoot with them in Amsterdam, that's why we absolutely trusted in their professionalism. It was amazing days of our wedding and we can't thank enough all the guys: Lana, Gio, Sven and Dima

Abhi & Anuj



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