Your family photographer in Amsterdam

Family photographer in Amsterdam

Looking for a family photographer in Amsterdam to capture your priceless moments? Look no further than our team of expert family photographers in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands! Whether you’re celebrating a pregnancy, a new arrival, a special birthday, or simply enjoying quality time together, our talented photographers will help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Our team includes some of the best family photographers in the Netherlands, each with their own unique approach and experience working with children of all ages. From playful and energetic to calm and patient, we know just how to capture the personalities and emotions of your family in stunning, high-quality photos that you can proudly display in your home or office. We know that family is the most valuable thing we have. That’s why we take our role as family photographers so seriously, and why we work tirelessly to ensure that every moment we capture is as special and meaningful as the family it represents. So why wait? Book your family photo shoot with us today and start creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Get a FREE photo book with family shoot

Capture your family's special moments with our 3-hour photoshoot and receive a free photo book! Don't miss out on preserving your memories. Book now!

Photo packages with care

Our family photography in Amsterdam. Thoughtfully crafted photo packages for your personalized experience.

  • Chick
  • 350 Sweet memories for small family or your child
  • •  Duration 1 hour

    •  Team photographer

    •  25 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Location – city or at your place

    •  Max 4 pers

    •  Personal assistant

    •  WhatsApp team chat

    ✓ Satisfaction guarantee

  • Cuckoo
  • 490 Exceptional memories for your family with children
  • •  Duration 2 hours

    •  Team photographer

    •  50 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Location – city or at your place

    •  Max 8 pers

    •  Personal assistant

    •  WhatsApp team chat

    ✓ Satisfaction guarantee

    ✓ Video meeting

  • Sparrow
  • 650 Excellent choice for birthdays, groups and events
  • •  Duration 3 hours

    •  Team photographer

    •  100 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Location – city or at your place

    •  No max pers: unlimited

    •  Personal assistant

    •  WhatsApp team chat

    ✓ Photobook 15×15 26 pages

    ✓ Satisfaction guarantee

    ✓ Video meeting

    ✓ Preparation checklist

Our family photoshoots

with a best family photographers in Amsterdam

Which package is suitable for you?

We really care about our customers and want to make sure we offer the perfect family photoshoot package for you. Our family photographer in the Netherlands is always happy to chat and get to know you and your family's needs. We'll work with you to create a fun and personalized experience that captures all your special moments. So, if you're in Amsterdam or anywhere in the Netherlands, let's connect and make some amazing memories together!

Chick package

Sweet memories for small family or your child

Our “Chick” package is named after the adorable baby bird, a symbol of new beginnings and growth – just like your family! This package is perfect for capturing your little one’s big moments! Ideal for small families, babies, and newborns. Book now and cherish these precious memories forever! Looking for a family photographer in Amsterdam or the Netherlands? We offer professional services, including newborn and child photoshoots in Amsterdam. Book with us today to capture your family’s precious moments!

Cuckoo package

Exceptional memories for your family with children

Our “Cuckoo” package is named after the lovable bird that is known for laying its eggs in other birds’ nests, symbolizing the idea of blending and creating new families. Just like the cuckoo, our package is designed for families with children and offers a blend of locations and edited photos that you’ll love. Capture your family’s precious moments with our Cuckoo package! Ideal for families with children, our professional family photographer in Amsterdam and the Netherlands will capture stunning photos of your family. Book now to create memories that will last a lifetime. It includes a 1.5-hour photoshoot at two locations in Amsterdam or your place. Get 40 edited photos, a personal web gallery, a guaranteed backup family photographer in Amsterdam, and an online meeting before the shoot. Book now!

Sparrow package

Excellent choice for family groups or events

Our Sparrow package is the perfect choice for capturing your family’s milestones. Just like the sparrow, family is a symbol of unity and love. Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, and gender reveals with our professional family photographer in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Book now to capture memories that will last a lifetime with this all-inclusive package, including edited photos and a personal web gallery.

How We Work

Handig proces om uw fotoshoot onvergetelijk te maken

1. Verzoek

Het belangrijkste is om uit te zoeken of de gewenste datum voor je fotoshoot beschikbaar is. Om dit te controleren, klikt u op VERZOEK en ik zal u zo snel mogelijk antwoorden.

2. Oproep / vergadering

Even belangrijk is natuurlijk de fotograaf leren kennen. Laat & #039; s gewoon praten (video of met de stem), bespreek een fotoshoot en ontdek hoe we bij elkaar passen 🙂

3. Aanbetaling

Wanneer alle details zijn overeengekomen, maakt u een aanbetaling over (vooruitbetaling). Dit is een garantie dat ik deze dag voor je vertrek. Het is handig voor jou en voor mij 🙂

3. Family photoshoot in Amsterdam

And finally the day has come! Now you only need to relax, have fun and listen to our recommendations during the family photoshoot in Amsterdam. The main thing is to enjoy the moment, I will do the rest for you!

3. Wauw! Foto's zijn klaar!

Na 1-6 weken (afhankelijk van het type opname) krijg je je heldere en onvergetelijke foto's in de hoogste resolutie en kwaliteit! Ik upload ze naar een persoonlijke galerij die je kunt delen met je familie en vrienden. Ik zal ontzettend blij zijn om feedback te krijgen over de foto's die ik voor je heb gemaakt 🙂

Family photographer in Amsterdam price

What cost to make a family photoshoot?

Searching for a family photographer in Amsterdam or the Netherlands, you may be wondering about the cost. At our studio, we offer a variety of family photoshoot packages, including newborn, children, gender reveal, and baby shower photoshoots. While the price may not be small, we guarantee that you’ll receive high-quality photos with a backup photographer, legal business, and full transparency. Plus, we always offer promotions and a loyalty program with discounts to show our appreciation for our customers. Trust us to help you preserve your family’s memories with our top-notch family photographers in the Netherlands.

We are here for you!



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