Karry & Jon

Autumn Amsterdam elopement

Karri and Jon have a very special love story. They have known each other for 40 years and only now fate has made it so that they got married. They met at a college reunion many years after graduation. At that time, they were both already divorced and both had children. But everything happened in an incredible way and they continued to communicate. And their dream has always been to come to the homeland of Kerry’s parents – to Amsterdam. The most romantic city for lovers.

Say YES on the boat

Amsterdam elopement on the canal cruise boat

Are you planning Amsterdam elopement?

Why Amsterdam is a perfect place for elopement

A wedding in Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. This is undoubtedly a romantic city with its own special atmosphere. City of bridges, canals, and ancient architecture. And of course it is a city of flowers, delicious waffles and cyclists. To book your Amsterdam elopement please contact us hier.


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