Wedding on the boat in Amsterdam

The boat Sovereign in Amsterdam

A wedding on the boat in Amsterdam will give you the feeling of a real holiday and an unforgettable journey along the rivers and canals.Hundreds of kilometers of canals, more than 1,500 bridges and about 90 islands have earned Amsterdam the title of “Venice of the North”. Each city has its own special spirit. In Amsterdam, it hovers over its canals. They are a masterpiece of engineering, a symbol of the fortitude, tenacity and adventurism of this city.

Diep van iemand houden geeft je kracht, terwijl van iemand houden je moed geeft.

Nautical style of the wedding

The boat Sovereign in Amsterdam

The theme of the wedding was a traditional Dutch one on a vintage Soeverein boat. This is the most luxurious river boat on the Amsterdam canals. It can easily accommodate guests from 10 to 50 people. Magnificent luxury and impressive decoration, antique wood and colorful interior are mesmerizing. A piano can be found on board and meals are served on Villeroy & Boch crockery, which is inspired by the famous Delft painting. Classic fabrics in noble colors and a hand-painted ceiling – everything speaks of the grandeur and luxury of this ship Sovereign.

Sam & Quynh

Small story and big day

The couple met in Amsterdam. Sam is Dutch and She is (from Vietnam). A little vacation has become a story with a happy ending. I am more and more convinced of the attractive romance of Amsterdam. This atmosphere in the air connects hearts. After a short time, Sam proposed to Quynh.

Geluk is wanneer wat je denkt, wat je zegt en wat je doet, in harmonie zijn


Photoshoot on the boat

Authentic style of old luxury boat

Despite the luxury, the ceremony turned out to be very intimate, since only the bride and groom were present at the wedding. After a small but very touching ceremony of the wedding on the boat in Amsterdam, we moved on to a wedding photo session. How so? There is not much space on the boat! We went out on deck. Here, on the bow of the ship, we got amazing photos with a view of Amsterdam. After all, the most beautiful view of the city opens precisely from the water.

How to organise photoshoot and wedding on the boat in Amsterdam?

Tips to find best professional for the Amsterdam

Especially for the newlyweds, the Captain made it possible to take some colorful photos in the wheelhouse itself. These pictures will surely decorate their family album and remind them of the most important and unusual day! As an Amsterdamse fotograaf, I really love weddings in a different style and with different traditions. The Dutch style of boat weddings, for my taste, is one of the most exciting and romantic. What could be more beautiful than sailing along rivers and canals in a luxury boat towards a new life?


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