Sebastien & Maurice

Cosy wedding photoshoot in Utrecht

Sebastian and Maurice wanted to have a small and cozy wedding in Utrecht. They found me through Google and were looking at similar gay wedding photoshoot experience with same sex couples. We immediately found a common language and I felt the mood of the guys. For the official ceremony, they chose the Stadshuis of Utrecht, and for the photo session – the old part of the city, which is unusually beautiful.

We were undoubtedly lucky with the weather, the sun was shining and the summer city was visible in all its glory. Narrow streets, low embankments with white staircases, huge arched canals. And, of course, ancient architecture, cathedrals in the Gothic style. These are all distinctive sights of the beautiful city of Utrecht. This is one of my favourite places for photo shoots. Including several times I did a gay wedding photoshoot here.

Gay wedding photoshoot is certainly somewhat different from traditional couples. In my opinion, in the color scheme, but not in the meaning of showing feelings and emotions. Love is the same for anyone. I have noticed that my same sex couples prefer black and white photos and somewhat dramatic hues. But it also depends on the personal wishes of the clients, which I always take into account.

The sun was so strong that black and white photos will always convey the mood best. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful photo session. The whole family was also present at the wedding. Some came from far away, for example from Mexico. Someone from France. Because Sebastian has French roots.

A wedding photo session is not only about beautiful medieval exteriors, graceful gardens and romantic streets. It can also be industrial style. Even an ordinary train station or administration building can turn into a magical location for a photo shoot. For a gay wedding photoshoot this is the perfect laconic style option.

Are you looking for a gay friendly photographer in Netherlands?

To capture your love at your gay wedding photoshoot without a hint of discomfort

I am of course a gay friendly photographer. And I’m always incredibly glad to new couples. I love to meet them, learn their love story and capture it for a long time. For request your gay wedding photoshoot please contact me hier.


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