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Couple photoshoot

Make your love story come to life with a stunning couple photoshoot in the romantic city of Amsterdam. Whether it’s an engagement photoshoot or a loveshoot, our professional photographers will capture your love in the heart of Amsterdam. Book a photoshoot for couples today and create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. From its charming canals, historic architecture, and breathtaking landscapes, Amsterdam provides the perfect backdrop for capturing your love. With its romantic atmosphere, you and your loved one will be swept away in a world of pure love and magic.

  • Sparkle
  • 350 Essential moments
  • •  Duration 1 hour

    •  Team photographer

    •  25 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Personal assistant

    •  Locations plan

    •  WhatsApp team chat

    ✓ Satisfaction guarantee

  • Shine
  • 490 Most popular
  • •  Duration 2 hours

    •  Team photographer

    •  60 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Personal assistant

    •  Locations plan

    •  WhatsApp team chat

    ✓ Satisfaction guarantee

    ✓ Video meeting

  • Flame
  • 650 Never ending memories
  • •  Duration 3 hours

    •  Team photographer

    •  100 beautiful photos within 2 days!

    •  Personal assistant

    •  Locations plan

    •  WhatsApp team chat

    ✓ Satisfaction guarantee

    ✓ Video meeting

    ✓ Preparation checklist


  • Photo hour + € 160

    Additional photo hour

  • Video € 250 / hour

    Minimum 2 hours

  • Small boat from € 300

    Boat ride 1-2 hours

  • Antique boat from € 600

    Boat ride min 2 hours

  • Boat decoration € 500

    Natural and artificial flowers

  • Dress rental + € 400

    Wedding dress or gala

  • Botanical garden shoot +€ 125

    Amsterdam Hortus up to 1,5 hour

  • Props: € 100

    Props set for the shoot

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Our couple photoshoots

Engagement and couple photoshoots in Amsterdam

Couple photoshoot in Amsterdam

A couple photoshoot in Amsterdam can take place in the morning or before sunset. It all depends on the time of year. It is also good to think over outfits that you will wear in order to matching each other. Many couples also want to have make-up and hairstyle to make the photo session perfect. This is especially important for those who are planning an engagement photoshoot in Amsterdam. It is the city of love and romance, provides the perfect setting for capturing your love story with a surprise engagement photoshoot. With its charming canals, historic architecture, and romantic atmosphere, Amsterdam offers the ultimate Loveshoot destination for couples in love. Our talented photographers will work with you to capture the essence of your love and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you need all inclusive packages you can see all options here.

How we work

Convenient process to make your couple photoshoot in Amsterdam unforgettable

1. Request

The most important thing is to find out if the desirable date for your couple photoshoot in Amsterdam is available. In order to check it, please click on REQUEST and I will answer you as soon as possible.

2. Call / Meeting

Of course, an equally important thing is getting to know the photographer. Just let's have a talk (video or by voice), discuss about a photoshoot and find out how we fit together 🙂

3. Deposit

When all details are agreed, you transfer a deposit (prepayment). This is a guarantee that I will leave this day for you. It is convenient for you and for me 🙂


3. Photoshoot

And finally the day has come! Now you only need to relax, have fun and listen to my recommendations during the photography process. The main thing is to enjoy the moment, I will do the rest for you!

3. Wow! Photos are ready!

After 1-6 weeks (depending on the type of shooting) you will get your bright and unforgettable pictures in highest resolution and quality! I upload them to a personal gallery that you can share to your family and friends. I will be incredibly happy to get a feedback from about the photos I made for you 🙂

Couple photoshoot in Amsterdam price

A little bit about price for an engagement photoshoot in Netherlands

Book your stunning engagement photoshoot in the enchanting city of Amsterdam. Our talented photographer will capture your love like no one else, capturing the moments that make your heart skip a beat and showing the world how deeply you’re in love. Years from now, these precious memories will warm your soul and tell the story of your love to your children.

Turn your love story into a work of art with a couple photoshoot in Amsterdam. It’s the perfect gift for any couple, and a pre-wedding photoshoot that will capture the joy and excitement of your upcoming nuptials. Don’t wait – book your photoshoot today and celebrate your love in the heart of Amsterdam! If you are looking for destination elopement you can find it here.

Our photoshoot packages start at just 1-hour photo session, a lot of beautiful photos, and a stunning online gallery to share with friends and family. While you may find cheaper photographers in Amsterdam, the difference in price often reflects the quality of the images and the experience of the photographer. With us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of both – beautiful, timeless images and a seamless, enjoyable photoshoot experience. Book your couple photoshoot in Amsterdam today!

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