Picture made by wedding photographer in Amsterdam that shows wedding cake with couple names on the top. Married couple is out of focus is staying behind a cake and going to cut it.
September 12,2020

Lana is incredibly talented photographer. It's a pleasure when real professional is working with you. Our photoshoot was so easy and relaxed while Lana was taking the pictures. It was also great that she explained what to do and which pose is better. Really recommend Lana as a photographer, we are extremely happy with our pictures.

A smiling bride looking back while a groom is hugging her waist. Couple stays in front of the bridge in the old city of Amsterdam and posing for a wedding photographer in Amsterdam
March 01,2020

Lana is very professional and made amazing pictures of our wedding day. Making the choice for a wedding photographer is always a guess. When we saw her work we could only hope our pictures would even come near her previous work. She definitely completed our day with her professional approach and the end result is amazing. We would highly recommend Imagelana (Svetlana) to anyone who is looking for high quality, professional work. Thank you again! And if I ever get a divorce and get married again I will contact you again. (Highly unlikely though 😋)

July 30, 2020

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