Elope to the most romantic city

Elopement in Amsterdam

Elopement in Amsterdam is an incredible location for your destination wedding escape. Netherlands is the country of flowers, fairytale houses and impressive history. You can plan your wedding photoshoot in the old city center – arched bridges and cosy narrow streets. Or may be you want a Dutch boat ride on the vibrant canals of Amsterdam? Any dream may come true when you are in hands of our professional team. We care to make your Amsterdam wedding experience unforgettable. 

  • Introductory meeting
  • Free Get a free consultation to plan your dream elopement!
  • Probably, you have a lot of questions about your elopement in Amsterdam. What are the best locations for a photoshoot? How I can choose flowers for my bouquet? Who is my make-up and hairstyle artist? What is the best time to start a shoot? All these questions and more will be covered during the online video meeting. We plan it via Zoom or another convenient way.

Elopement series

Wedding and elopement photoshoot in Amsterdam

Elopement packages

Choose your best elopement option in Amsterdam

  • Sparkle Elope
  • 700 City vibes with iconic places
  • – Duration 2 hours

    – 200 edited photos

    – Make-up & Hairstyle

    – Flower bouquet & corsage

    – 2 locations in Amsterdam 

    – Personal web gallery

    – Introductory meeting

    – First snapshots in 5 days

    – Video clip + 390 euro

  • Shine Elope
  • 1300 Ideal choice for a half day!
  • – Duration 4 hours

    – 400 edited photos

    – Make-up & Hairstyle

    – Flower bouquet & corsage

    – 4 locations in Amsterdam

    – Transfers

    – Personal web gallery

    – Introductory meeting

    – First snapshots in 3 days

    – Video clip + 590 euro

  • Flame Elope
  • 1700 Ultimate memories of the full day!
  • – Duration 7 hours

    – 600 edited photos

    – Make-up & Hairstyle

    – Flower bouquet & corsage

    – 4 locations in Amsterdam

    – location in Zaanse Schans or Giethoorn

    – Transfers

    – Personal web gallery

    – Introductory meeting

    – First snapshots next day

    – Video clip + 890 euro

Which package is suitable for you?

It can be difficult to decided how many hours do you need for your wedding. We are experienced team and gladly help you with it. Our recommendations can be useful to make a decision about a photo package.

Sparkle package

How your wedding day will look like

This package is suitable for those who are planning a small, cozy wedding for two or with their closest relatives and friends. Cozy weddings with the closest and dearest are without a doubt one of the most popular trends in recent seasons. It includes shooting in 1-2 locations. Such moments remain in the memory of every guest for a long time. And a wedding photographer in Netherlands will capture every important moment of your unique day. Your memories will stay with you for a long time.

Shine package

How your wedding day will look like

This basic option is suitable for a small wedding. This package includes the most important part of the bride’s morning, the ceremony and a short wedding walk. All the most important moments of your wedding will be carefully selected and edited. The package includes up to 2-3 locations locations and a photographer’s work 6 hours. All images will be saved to your personal online gallery so that you can share your emotions with your family and friends at any time.

Flame package

How your wedding day will look like

Are you planning an epic all-day wedding? Do you want that every small moment of your wedding day to be captured? Then this package is for you. Starting in the morning, from the bride’s getting ready, the wedding photographer will be with you. Flame wedding is perfect for a long wedding day! This includes the bride’s morning, packing, ceremony, wedding photo session, dinner and party. Your memories will stay with you for a long time.

How We Work

Convenient process to make your photoshoot unforgettable


1. Request

The most important thing is to find out if the desirable date for your photoshoot is available. In order to check it, please click on REQUEST and I will answer you as soon as possible.


2. Call / Meeting

Of course, an equally important thing is getting to know the photographer. Just let's have a talk (video or by voice), discuss about a photoshoot and find out how we fit together 🙂


3. Deposit

When all details are agreed, you transfer a deposit (prepayment). This is a guarantee that I will leave this day for you. It is convenient for you and for me 🙂


3. Photoshoot

And finally the day has come! Now you only need to relax, have fun and listen to my recommendations during the photography process. The main thing is to enjoy the moment, I will do the rest for you!

Printed wedding photos with white canvas are laid on the table that were made by wedding photographer in Amsterdam

3. Wow! Photos are ready!

After 1-6 weeks (depending on the type of shooting) you will get your bright and unforgettable pictures in highest resolution and quality! I upload them to a personal gallery that you can share to your family and friends. I will be incredibly happy to get a feedback from about the photos I made for you 🙂

Elopement photoshoot in Amsterdam

Wha is included in Photographer in Netherlands prices?

Yes, I am sure that every wedding is different, but for ease of choice, I offer you these wedding packages so that you can get an idea of ​​the options and the wedding prices. As a wedding photographer, I take care of every detail of your day and I will make sure it is captured so you can look at it over and over again.

Picture made by wedding photographer in Amsterdam that shows wedding cake with couple names on the top. Married couple is out of focus is staying behind a cake and going to cut it.
September 12,2020

Lana is incredibly talented photographer. It's a pleasure when real professional is working with you. Our photoshoot was so easy and relaxed while Lana was taking the pictures. It was also great that she explained what to do and which pose is better. Really recommend Lana as a photographer, we are extremely happy with our pictures.

A smiling bride looking back while a groom is hugging her waist. Couple stays in front of the bridge in the old city of Amsterdam and posing for a wedding photographer in Amsterdam
March 01,2020

Lana is very professional and made amazing pictures of our wedding day. Making the choice for a wedding photographer is always a guess. When we saw her work we could only hope our pictures would even come near her previous work. She definitely completed our day with her professional approach and the end result is amazing. We would highly recommend Imagelana (Svetlana) to anyone who is looking for high quality, professional work. Thank you again! And if I ever get a divorce and get married again I will contact you again. (Highly unlikely though 😋)

July 30, 2020

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