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Finding a good wedding planner in Netherlands is key to making sure everything goes perfectly. Our team has over 10 years of experience in planning the most beautiful weddings. Our staff includes photographers and videographers, decorators, florists, wedding officiants and the ceremonimeester. We will be very happy to make your day easy and hassle-free. And of course, leave you memories for a lifetime.

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For any need from an intimate to a big wedding

  • Advice call
  • Free General look about your wedding preferences
  • Subjects to discuss:

    •  Your ideas ands wishes

    •  Wedding venues 

    •  Suppliers

    •  Budget

    •  Photo and video

    •  Payments

    •  Conditions of work

  • Ceremoniemeester
  • 800 Full day 10 hours
  • •  10 hours work

    •  Coordination of the wedding day

    •  3 meetings with a couple

    •  Discussing the timing (provided by the customer)

    •  Communication with suppliers on the day 

    •  Whatsapp group for suppliers

    •  Managing payment for suppliers on the day (cash)

    •  1 visit to wedding venue before

    •  Each extra hour +80 euro

    •  Detailed timing with all the contacts + 400 euro

  • Complete planning
  • 3000 All inclusive package for big weddings
  • •  Wedding plan and timings

    •  5% Exclusive discount from the venue (when it’s possible)

    •  10% discount for photo and video (from our team)

    •  Optimising the budget (Saving money when is needed)

    •  Ceremoniemeester and assistant for wedding day

    •  Suppliers selection and recommendations

    •  Communication with all the suppliers

    •  Discussing ideas about wedding style 

    •  Managing all the invoices

    •  Backup options for suppliers

    •  Visits and communication with the wedding venue 

    •  Unlimited calls with a couple 

  • Get Advice call for
  • Free For any customer
  • Is it important for you to find a click with each wedding supplier? To match his values with yours? And of course, the wedding planner – it’s like the conductor of your wedding, of course, should be on the same wavelength with you. We are ready to set up a video meeting and discuss all the details, to understand how we match each other. We are happy to make your day unforgettable and hassle-free.

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Wedding planning in Netherlands

Why do you need a wedding planner?

We sincerely believe that the work of a wedding planner in Netherlands is an invariable element of any large wedding. It is a team or a ceremoniemeester who makes your day devoid of any worries. You can enjoy it to the fullest and not think about paying someone or making sure everything is delivered on time. Also, the organization of guests is an important point, since this is a large group of people that needs to be coordinated. Our other company for wedding planning is also providing the best experience.

What is the value of the wedding planner in Netherlands?

Enjoying your day

The main value is of course your emotions and memories. What could be more important? Just imagine that you are relaxing to the fullest, and someone is working to make your day as awesome as possible.

Save money

When you try to organize a wedding yourself, you actually spend a lot more money. After all, a professional wedding planner knows exactly how to optimize costs, with whom to negotiate a discount. And much more. But of course, the most important thing is that you will not have a headache regarding many things.


There are no clear recommendations on the size of a wedding photobook. You can choose any option you like. But it should be understood that small photographs can be viewed on a phone or computer screen. I am not suggesting that a photo book should be very large, but sufficient so that you and your friends can, if desired, be able to consider any detail of interest. Moreover, modern digital printing allows you to achieve high detail of photos, provided that it is of excellent original quality.

But do not forget that a wedding photobook is made for yourself, and only you decide what it will be.

Under control

There are two main types of wedding photo book binding.

  • Classic – as in simple fiction books
  • Full-page FlexBind binding.

In the second option, the book can be opened 180 degrees, and both pages form a single composition.


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