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Custom-made, design and editing are included

A wedding photo book is the perfect option to keep memories vivid for a long time. A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any person. After a while, you will definitely want to remember these happy moments and plunge into a state of joy again. Of course, you can look at the photos on your phone, but it’s much more pleasant to pick up a photo album. You can just print photos and paste them into an album, or you can order a photo book.

Choose your option

Custom-made, design and editing are included

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The story of photo books

The tradition of making wedding photobooks came to us, like many other ideas, from the United States. As a result, a completely new format of double-page spread printing, the use of collages, and individual execution emerged. The classic option is hardcover. However, you can arrange your wedding photo book in a magazine version with a thin cover or a modern version of FlexBind with 180-degree opening. Wedding photo books are created according to individual orders and their design also reflects only your story.

For an elegant appearance and luxurious quality, materials from reliable European manufacturers are used. Even after many years, the photo book will look beautiful and bring joy not only to you, but also to your loved ones. The colors will remain as vibrant as they were on the first day. And even after a year, the book will delight with its appearance and design.

How to choose your photo book?

What is the most important thing when CHOOSING a wedding PHOTO BOOK?

First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the materials used and the design – do you like the photobook, are you pleasant to hold it in your hands, leaf through and examine the photos in it.  You can create different versions of the book dedicated to different moments of the wedding day and guests attending the celebration. When ordering a wedding photo book, please note the following aspects. You can order wedding photo book with delivery in Netherland in our shop.

Which kind of cover?

By type, the cover of a photobook can be divided into two main formats: Paperback or the so-called “magazine”. Outwardly, a wedding photobook looks like a good glossy magazine. The hard cover is reliable and durable. On a hardcover, you can make a collage of a photograph and lettering, or choose a cover with a cloth or a cloth cover with a photo window, where photos can be printed or an inscription about the contents of the book is made.

Type of paper

Usually, when it comes to paper for printing photographs or photobooks, only two types come to mind – glossy and matte paper. In fact, the number of varieties of photographic paper for a wedding photobook is great. Personally, I really like paper with a slight pearlescent effect. It combines the positives of both glossy and matte photo paper. And what is very important, there are no fingerprints on the surface, the light texture and slightly matte surface allows you to give photographs naturalness, while maintaining the depth and saturation of colors. The warm shade of the paper is ideal for printing portraits of newlyweds and guests of your wedding ceremony.

Size of the photo book

There are no clear recommendations on the size of a wedding photobook. You can choose any option you like. But it should be understood that small photographs can be viewed on a phone or computer screen. I am not suggesting that a photo book should be very large, but sufficient so that you and your friends can, if desired, be able to consider any detail of interest. Moreover, modern digital printing allows you to achieve high detail of photos, provided that it is of excellent original quality.

But do not forget that a wedding photobook is made for yourself, and only you decide what it will be.

Which kind of binding?

There are two main types of wedding photo book binding.

  • Classic – as in simple fiction books
  • Full-page FlexBind binding.

In the second option, the book can be opened 180 degrees, and both pages form a single composition.

If you need any help to organise your wedding please don’t hesitate to contact ILLUMOWEDDING agency.


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