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Fashion photography in Amsterdam is undoubtedly an important profession in today’s world and Netherlands. Especially if your company is constantly in need of updating photos of your products. The photoshoot was made for Lingerie brand Inamorata. If you want me to be your fashion photographer please fill the form hier.

Fashion project in Venice

How the photoshoot went out

How the shooting took place in Venice It was a very interesting project. The customer was a Dutch-Russian lingerie and swimwear company that they manufacture in Italy. In the beginning, we started discussing the details of the shooting long before the event. And of course, the choice of location was important. He fell on Venice. Because it is the center of fashion, which is always associated with high fashion and the latest trends. 
 And in summer, the weather is much more predictable than in other places. We chose a luxury yacht for the main location, and sometimes stopped at famous places in the city, such as St. Mark’s Square or an island with colorful houses.

How to Find a Fashion Photography in Netherlands?

Tips and highlights

Finding a fashion photographer is not easy. It is important to consider such points as how experienced the photographer is in the fashion industry. How many similar shootings he has in his portfolio. The initial search can be done on google, and then watch and study. Also on google maps you will find photographers who may have their own studio. This is very convenient if you need to give him products and he will take pictures of everything himself.

What products works fashion photographer with?

Fashion photography in Amsterdam for clothing, lingerie, accessories

A fashion photographer is essential for big brands like H&M as well as for small beginners. Products such as underwear, swimwear, casual wear and accessories certainly need good and relevant photos. Moreover, on average, brands shoot their collections 4 times a year. You always need to be in trend not only in fashion design, but also in its presentation! A lot of brands hire for their products video production as well. It gives much more impression that makes a customer to buy this product.
Why shouldn’t you save on the photographer? Sales depend on the success of your product presentation. Don’t skimp on the photographer or designer. They will help you to increase your sales at times, so that you will not regret the money spent. If you would like me to photograph a collection of clothes or other products for you, you can contact me using the contact form below.


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