Amsterdam pre wedding for Morgan & Philip

Morgan and Philip specially came to their winter Amsterdam pre wedding from foggy Ireland. And just to celebrate this significant event in their life in such a beautiful city. Moreover, at this time in Europe there are huge discounts on hotels, flights and sightseeing. And besides, the city is simply beautiful at this time – there are practically no tourists! In my opinion, this is the ideal time, if, of course, if of course you are used to the cool weather.

From Ireland to Netherlands

Amsterdam old city center

Diep van iemand houden geeft je kracht, terwijl van iemand houden je moed geeft.

The guys decided to stay at the historic Amrath hotel. Because it offered great deals for honeymooners. It is an incredibly beautiful Art Deco building and a recognized heritage of Dutch architecture. It is located in the former Shipping house in the center of the old city. Inside there are many authentic elements, everything is strictly in style. Even the elevator hasn’t changed at all over the years. And interesting details are portholes windows, as well as huge high windows with a lot of light.

Winter photoshoot in Amsterdam

Best photo locations in the magic city

After talking with the couple before the shooting, I decided to include all the most famous and historical places in the city to the maximum. I wanted to convey the atmosphere of the city and show its diversity. Of course, we visited the embankments and canals in the old town such as Keizersgracht. We also did not miss the opportunity to walk along the Amstel river and stop at the Skinny bridge. Which is rightfully considered a bridge for lovers. Accordingly to a tradition – when you sailing just under the bridge you must kiss each other. In addition, walking along the embankments I always invite my couples to stop for half an hour and drink coffee in some atmospheric and cozy dutch cafe. What we certainly did – we found a place with an amazing view of the embankment! While we all enjoying the time I make candid photos as well.

Geluk is wanneer wat je denkt, wat je zegt en wat je doet, in harmonie zijn


Magic winter city is ideal for Amsterdam pre wedding

From Joordan to China town in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is definitely a multinational center. Where many cultures, religions and worldviews intertwine. But the main thing that unites everyone is, of course, tolerance and acceptance of each other. Therefore, a Chinese temple can easily coexist next to a Catholic church or synagogue. And of course I wanted to include this, as an integral part the city. We walked to the China Town and took a few photos against the background of He Hua Tempel (Fo Guang Shan Holland Tempel). As a result, you can’t even recognize where it was shot! We also got incredible photos near the famous Zuiderkerk, which opens up a view from many canals. It was also very unusual to go to Christ Church Amsterdam (church of England). This is a lovely red brick building in the Gothic style. And it is undoubtedly the jewel of Groenburgwal.

How to find a photographer for Amsterdam pre wedding?

Tips to find best professional for the Amsterdam pre wedding photoshoot

A lot of my couples have spent a lot of time finding and choosing a photographer for their Amsterdam pre wedding. And what I have summarized, the main thing for them, of course, is the portfolio. But beyond that, knowledge of the city. Since a photo session can take several hours, you need to think over the route and logistics very well. And also know where there is permission to photograph, and where it is prohibited. All these moments, of course, should be known by the photographer in Amsterdam, which you choose.


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