An Indian wedding in Netherlands

Arti & Kshitij, 11.12.2020

For me as a photographer, it is incredibly interesting to shoot weddings with national colours. And if it’s an Indian wedding in Netherlands, it’s even more exciting. Since there are many traditions, bright saturated patterns, decorations and rituals. And of course two families who become relatives for life on this day. I was lucky enough to shoot a wedding like this in the Amsterdam.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Traditionally, it all began with the bride getting ready at her parents’ house. Her whole family was present – sisters, mother, aunt. And dad went to help the groom get ready before the wedding. Of course, there were also light Indian treats and sweets. It was very pleasant for me to shoot the bride’s fees, her excitement, all sorts of little things, joy and anticipation. Despite the rain and cloudy day, nothing could spoil the mood of all those present.

Groom is getting ready

Morning at parents house

The groom himself is a very creative person – a photographer who regularly hosts exhibitions of art photography. That is why he was very careful about choosing who will capture his most important day in life. At his request, I took half of the photos in black and white, and some with a flash flash. The groom’s preparation took place at home, surrounded by loved ones and a beloved dog.

A wedding in Covid times

Nothing spoils the mood of Indian wedding in Netherlands

Of course, the coronavirus has had a huge impact on weddings in the Netherlands and around the world. We must strictly adhere to the rules – wear masks everywhere in public places, keep our distance. And the time of the ceremony is shortened, as is the number of guests at the wedding. However, everything went just fine. As if there were no limitations.

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.


How to prepare for your Indian wedding in Netherlands?

Tips to find best professional and get brilliant photos

Since personal relationships are very important in Indian culture, this also applies to any professional who will work in an Indian wedding. First of all, you need to meet and find out if you are suitable for each other as a person. Secondly, you can bargain about the price, but it is better to do this respecting the photographer’s price grid and not asking for too much discount. Since this is a huge work, as well as paying taxes. Third, ask the photographer if it is possible to take a test photo before the wedding and thus understand how much you like his style. If you want me to be your photographer you can contact me hier or through the contact form below.


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