Jason & Justin

To organise their special Amsterdam gay wedding Jason and Justin came from Australia and became my clients. The guys have specially planned an event for the summer. Because they expected sun and warmth, just like in their homeland. But the weather in the Netherlands is very changeable. Nevertheless, this did not spoil either their plans or mine. On the contrary, it added romance and candid spontaneous shots. I love rain photoshoots and umbrellas of all shapes and colors!

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Getting ready

Hotel Dylan Amsterdam

Dylan Hotel is one of the best places for wedding gatherings, as well as for a romantic night for newlyweds. The hotel is located in the famous 9 streets area where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the old town and do some shopping. All this is within walking distance, and it is also easy to explore the city by bike. Rooms offer great views of Keizersgracht and historic houses. And modern details blend harmoniously with vintage interiors.

My name is Pancakes 🙂

Photoshoot with a doggy

Cute Pancakes took a part in his parents’ wedding photo shoot. And of course he became just a star to which everyone paid attention. In general, a photo session with your dog or other pet is a great idea for a wedding day. It looks very cute when the dog is wearing a beautiful bright bow on the neck, and maybe also a vest. We made some awesome shots with the dog and continued walking along the canals.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony


Rainy photoshoot in Amsterdam

Nothing is more romantic for a gay wedding in Amsterdam

Taking pictures in the rain shouldn’t be seen as a bad luck on your wedding day. This is an incredible opportunity to take magical photos with splashing water drops. The main thing is not to forget a beautiful umbrella. A large, wide umbrella in black or white is best. And maybe even transparent. Amsterdam always looks beautiful in the autumn season, when the trees have already lost their leaves and all the bridges, houses and canals are visible. This time is even better than summer time also because the sun is low and gently falls on the faces. Without creating harsh shadows.

How to find a photographer for Amsterdam gay wedding?

Tips to find best professional for the Amsterdam gay wedding and get brilliant photos

First of all, you need to look at the portfolio and the photographer’s experience with gay couples. Of course, the photographer himself does not have to have only a certain sexual orientation. He must be a professional in his field. Ask the photographer to show you a series of shots with at least 30-50 photos. So you will understand what you will get as a result. When you first talk, tell him about your partner and see how he reacts. We all know that some people are not tolerant of other people. But this is more the exception than the rule. Good luck finding the best photographer for your wedding! If you want me to be your photographer you can contact me here.


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