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Getting ready

Bridal morning and cosy moments

The bride walked to the altar in a white dress, while a wedding photographer in the Hague made intimate pictures of her entry. Holding in her hands a bouquet of roses and hypsophila, Tied with a white ribbon. Live organ music played by Ave Maria. But let’s talk about everything in order. It’s been some time since the wedding in The Hague, but I’m still overwhelmed with emotion.

Groom is on the way

Details and portraits

How Marcel and Slavia met.  ”I never thought that I would meet my love at work. We were just colleagues and worked together”. – says the bride and her eyes shine. – Our work was connected with long trips to the sea. On one of these business trips, a spark slipped between us. It was around Christmas time. And the captain of the ship asked me and Marcel to prepare the captain’s bridge for the holiday. That’s when I think we looked at each other with completely different eyes. This is the story of the Christmas miracle.

After some time, the couple started dating. To propose to her, Marcel chose a custom-made ring. An amazingly beautiful diamond was supposed to symbolize everything. Quite a few jewelers refused to allow the groom to do such a difficult job. After long attempts, he still found the very same master who exactly fulfilled the order. The decoration turned out to be amazing!  As soon as the ring was ready, it was followed by a marriage proposal, to which Slavia answered without hesitation “Yes!” 

The wedding ceremony

Intimate ceremony in the catholic cathedral of the Hague

Preparing for thewedding in The Hague. From early childhood, the bride dreamed of a real royal wedding, of magic decoartions, of the best venue. And of course of the best wedding photographer in the Hague. Therefore, it was decided tohold the wedding ceremony in The Hague, which is called the “royal city”

Photoshoot in Binnenhof

precious memories from wedding photographer in the Hague

Preparations for the wedding in The Hague began in advance, almost a year in advance. This time was barely enough for such a gorgeous wedding to think over everything to the smallest detail and implement it. Thanks to the help of the wedding organizer, which is indispensable with such complex timing, everything went smoothly and easily. The dress was found almost immediately. It is a huge success to find the very same dress for a wedding in The Hague without long trips to bridal salons and exhausting fittings. 

After quick stop for a bridal photoshoot in Binnenhof, the wedding ceremony was attended in the catholic cathedral of Den Haag. The music was carefully selected and a pianist was invited to the ceremony. Speaking of Dutch punctuation! The wedding ceremony in The Hague was slightly delayed, but the organist, hoping to finish at exactly a certain time, simply closed the organ lid, despite the fact that the ceremony was not yet completely over. 

The next task was to choose a church for the wedding and a location for the banquet. That would be a great venue for wedding photography in the Hague. The luxury hotel Des Indes in the heart of The Hague was chosen for the celebration. The history of the Hotel des Indes dates back to 1881, when it was transformed from the residence and personal adviser of King William III into a luxury hotel for visiting royalty, aristocrats and celebrities. Nicholas II, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and even the famous dancer Mata Hari lived in the old hotel at different times. This hotel was full of mystery, history and overwhelming energy. 

Dinner and wedding in Hotel des Indes

Luxury wedding venue in the Hague

They say that the most exciting moment in the wedding ceremony in The Hague is the appearance of the bride on the path to the altar. But according to the bride, the most exciting moment for her was not the way out, not the taking of oaths, but the lighting of a candle with the groom and the passage behind the priest during the church service. I also remember the gala dinner, which the bride and groom opened with a traditional welcoming speech. 

After the ceremony, it was time for a wedding photo shoot in The Hague. The location was chosen close to the place of the ceremony – next to the Binnenhof castle. And then a gorgeous banquet followed at Des Indas. The decoration was absolutely amazing. The groom remembered very much the menu of the banquet at the hotel. The wine menu selection was so good that the couple promised to repeat this dinner for the anniversary. 

How to organise your wedding and choose a wedding photographer in the Hague?

Prepare in advance

The first thing you need to choose is all the suppliers. And it’s best to do this in advance. In the Netherlands, life goes on slowly and sometimes it takes a lot of time to negotiate.

Be picky

Choose your wedding photographer in The Hague carefully. These pictures will delight you for a long time! Be sure to discuss and plan the necessary shots with your photographer. For example, with parents and loved ones. 

Timing of the day

Schedule the timing of the entire day and how each part of the event will run. And trust your wedding planner. Spend more time with the groom and guests. Leave the entire organization of the event to the wedding agency in The Hague.


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