Yuri & Anastasia

Luxurious wedding in Maastricht Chateau Neercanne

Do you want to marry in a castle in Netherlands? What could be more beautiful than an extraordinary wedding in an old castle with gorgeous views of the vineyards? Yuri and Anastasia decided to have their wedding in Maastricht, because this is the place in the center of Europe where all friends and relatives can come.

Chateau Neercanne in Maastricht is a great luxurious wedding venue in Netherlands. If you want to marry in a castle in Netherlands – it is an excellent choice with 5 star rating.

This castle is right next to the Belgian village, but still in Netherlands territory. It belongs to the well-known network of Relais & Chateau. The castle has a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers fine superb dining for your event. And the bakery will offer a special decorated wedding cake.

I DO moments

Candid and emotional ceremony in the terrace of Chateau Neercanne

Our wedding agency has developed a special plan for the couple. We have selected all service suppliers – only proven and very highly qualified. Starting from coordination with the wedding venue, accommodating guests at the hotel and ending with the full planning of the party. Florists have prepared an incredibly delicate design with live orchids, dominated by white and fresh greenery.

Michelin restaurant experience

Getting marry in a castle and try the best cuisine

For dinner, we chose the grotto, this is a restaurant that is located right in the rock in front of the castle. Right next to it are the wine cellars, which were visited by a tour for guests. Where they tasted all the local wines. The castle is famous for its vineyards and special wines. To decorate the hall, we chose luminous garlands that create a cozy atmosphere and orchids on the tables, in the same style as at the ceremony. Getting marry in a castle in Netherlands – is a unique experience. Especially by its vivid nature around and Middle Ages athmosphere.

Publication in a magazine

to marry in a castle for best venues Trouwplannen.nl

We are honoured to be published in one of the most famous wedding magazines in Netherlands. It is a great pride and honor for every agency when its employees are chosen to showcase the best weddings of the year. Thank you very much, we will continue to try to be a top wedding agency in Netherlands. Here is a full article.

Are you planning to marry in a castle in Netherlands?

What are important things to know for planning your day

Our agency will be very happy to help you choose the best venue for your wedding. Whether it’s a small farmhouse or you want to getting marry in a castle with vineyards. The first meeting is always free. During it we can discuss all the details and understand what exactly you want, why this or that option is important to you. And discuss a further plan of cooperation. To do this, contact us here.


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