Lisa & Tom

From Wales with love

Lisa and Tom have an incredibly beautiful love story. Being a wedding photographer in Den Haag, I know Liza as my colleague videographer. They met on Tinder, despite the fact that she was in the The Hague where she has been living for several years. And Tom is in Wales his homeland. So they began to travel to each other, despite the distance and the pandemic.

Never too late to propose

Belated proposal happened on a wedding day

After two years together, they decided to get married. But Tom regretted that there was no special proposal and a ring. Therefore, he proposed on the wedding day, which was an incredible surprise for his fiancé. Keeping the traditions of his family and clan, Tom prepared a traditional Welsh costume with a kilt and coats of arms. Lisa chose an elegant classic dress and a beautiful flowing veil.

To being a wedding photographer in in Den Haag (The Hague) is different from other cities in Netherlands. It’s a completely different architecture. This is the presentable face of the country and the political center, where important events are held and the government sits. Nevertheless, the locations are striking in variety.

Getting married in Oud stadhuis of Den Haag

Wedding ceremony in a historical wedding venue in Den Haag (The Hague)

Do you want to get married in an old historical hall? The Old Stadshaus (Our Stadshuis in Den Haag) in The Hague is a very special place. It was built in 1565 and contains within its walls a unique collection of paintings. The famous painting magistrants by Jan de Baen adorns the main ceremonial wedding hall. The whole atmosphere in it is unusually chamber and the light is very beautiful and subdued.

As a photographer, I love candid and spontaneous weddings, where the atmosphere of relaxation, joy and sincerity reigns. This is exactly the kind of photo my couple wanted. They have a very warm relationship and they are more than a couple for each other, they are friends and associates. They can fool around and have fun together, be themselves and accept each other.

Time to relax

Сhamber atmosphere in the bar that was a former bank

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Den Haag (the Hague) ?

What are important things to know for prepare for your wedding photoshoot in Den Haag (The Hague)

I am will be extremely happy to be your wedding photographer. It doesn’t matter where are you located in Netherlands. I travel all around the country. Of corse, one of the most popular city for weddings is The Hague. I love it because of its historical and status part. Here are so many beautiful locations for your photoshoot in Den Haag. For request to be your wedding photographer in Den Haag (The Hague) please contact me here.


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